Horario de visitas: Martes, jueves y sábado de 10 a 12h
  • DAISY is waiting for you at our shelter

    The Asociación Animalista de Llucmajor has the suitable infrastructure to host abandoned dogs and cats. However the best place for them is with a family. Come and adopt your new best friend!
  • Come and meet BAMBOO

    Bamboo is a special being, cheerful and very loving. Unfortunatly he has lost one leg, but this doesn’t stop him from playing and have fun. Come and meet him!
  • MARTA loves to play and have fun

    MARTA loves to play and have fun

    She is playful and friendly, loves to run and play.


Every five minutes four dogs are abandoned in Spain. In 2016 more than 137,000 dogs and cats were abandoned in our country.

Asociación Animalista Llucmajor is a non-profit association. Our mission is to work against mistreatment and abandonment of animals. We have created our shelter to give all the cats, dogs, and even rabbits, that come to our home another chance.

We rescue, provide care, protect, and seek a new life for abandoned animals in the area of ​​Llucmajor, Mallorca. Furthermore, we carry out activities to raise awareness on the suffering of pets, abandonment and abuse.

Please help us help them!

Some call us Senior...

¡This only means that I have years of experience in being humans’ best friend!

  Your new friend my not be that new…however he can surely be your new best friend, a wise companion, a patient psicologist when you want to be heard and a comedian when you want to laugh.  This is how senior dogs are, calm, patient, atentive, and with lots and lots of love to give. Adotping a senior dog has many benefits: 

  1.  What you see, is what you get.  The personality is already well defined, they are more predictable, therefore they will not dissapoint you. This also applies to their body, if they are big or small size, black or blond, this is the friend you will have.
  2. No long hours of training. Most of the senior dogs have been living in a home, in contact with humans who have trained them, at least in some way. Senior dogs require less supervision.
  3. They got over the find-and-destroy phase. Most of senior dogs are thinking of more important things to do, like a good pampering session or having good food, instead of how to destroy your furniture.
  4. They relax you and listen to you. Their patient, experience, their eagerness to give you love is aplified at their age, moreover because your are giving them a unique opportunity: to have a have a home and a family to love!
  5. You will be a hero. People that adopt senior dogs have a sense of joy, having put a grain of salt for a better world, where age does not matter. And for the lucky one that joins your family, is an opportunity to demonstrate their gratitude every moment they can.

Come and meet our wise friends,
and find a special friend. 


If you can’t, another option to show your love to our furry friends is to sponsor. At Asociación Animalista Llucmajor we need your help to continue giving all the care needed to the dogs and cats we rescue from the street. Sponsoring helps them have a better life in our shelter while they wait to find a loving home.

Adopta perros y gatos de Mallorca


If you want to adopt a dog or a cat and give them a home, visit us at our shelter in Llucmajor. You can spend time with cats and dogs before choosing your new pet best friend. We will advise you, based on your needs and characteristics of you and family, which one would suit best to ensure a successful adoption.



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