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Help abandoned animals

Asociación Animalista of Llucmajor needs your valuable help! There are many ways you can help us.

Can you help us?

The Asociación Animalista Llucmajor needs your help! There are many ways to get involved to support our cause and help our furry friends find a family. You can adopt, donate (monetary or in-kind donations), sponsor, foster, become a volunteer.

Do you want to get involved? Be a Volunteer at the Associación Animalista Llucmajor and enjoy helping our furry friends. Volunteers assist by hosting donation drives, walking our dogs, participating in special shelter events and with their expertise (e.g. translation, graphical design). You will receive an identification card.

If you think other ways to help us, please kindly send us an e-mail at asociacionanimalistallucmajor@gmail.com or send us a message through our Facebook page. We are happy to receive ideas!




We urgently need: adult dog food and cat litter.

Help us take care of them! We need food for cats and dogs, cat litter, collars and leashes. If you can help us, please come to our shelter with anything you can donate. THANK YOU!


We manage to save lives and maintain our dogs, cats and rabbits thanks to the donations of animal loving people like you. One-off or monthly donations will help us buy food, medicine, cover costs of sterilisations and continue to save animals from euthanasia practiced in pounds. The monthly costs to maintain one of our pet friends is between  30-50€. For example, food for a dog costs 2€ per day, deworming costs between 5-10€. Given the high costs we incurr to give our furry friend a new life, we would appreciate a minimum donation of 5€.

You can donate via bank transfer, Paypal or in person by visiting us during opening hours at our shelter (this will also give you the opportunity to see first hand how they can live better with the help of donations).

Account name: Animalista Association Llucmajor
Account number: ES83 0487 2229 83 2000002807

Tax deductibility of donations: Entities under Law 49/2002, always asking for a receipt or certificate with their identification data, date and amount donated, you may deduct between 25% and 10% of their contributions.




If you wish to danate supplies such as blankets, dog or cat food, collars and leashes, please kindly contact us via e-mail at asociacionanimalistallucmajor@gmail.com 

Apadrina en la Asociación Animalista de Llucmajor

What is sponsoring?

This consists in a monthly contribution to your selected AALLs to secure a better life while waiting to find a loving family. You will be able to play an active part in its life, and if you are able to come to the shelter, you will be able to show your love by petting your chosen cat or rabbit, or walking your canine friend. You can bring treats and play, watch it grow and hopefully see it welcomed by its adoptive family. We will send you updates and photographs to keep you informed.  


Sponsor an AALLs

What is a AALLs? A resident in the shelter of the Associación Animalista Llucmajor. These are cats, dogs and 3 rabbits. Even if you can’t adopt, you can choose to help an AALLs that touched your heart to give them shelter, care and love they deserve while waiting for a home.

Become a sponsor AALLs, helping us with their food and medication costs. The monthly costs to maintain one of our pet friends is between  30-50€. The sponsorship minimum monthly amount is 20€.

To become a Sponsor, please either use our dedicated page Sponsor or send us an email at asociacionanimalistallucmajor@gmail.com to advise how you wish to donate (bank transfer, monthly Paypal payment, or in cash at our shelter).