Horario de visitas: Martes, jueves y sábado de 10 a 12h

Visit us! We will be happy to welcome you to our shelter, where you will be able to see first hand all the work we do and spend a great time with our dogs, cats and rabbits.


The Asociación Animalista Llucmajor shelter hosts more than 80 animals, including cats, dogs and rabbits. With the help of our partners, volunteers and donations, slowly but surely we managed to build a shelter suitable for our furry friends. The shelter has quarantine areas, dedicated to the newcomers and with the purpose of protecting health of all our guests, monitoring and curing any illness that they may have before joining the other tenants of the shelter. There are enclosures for cats and dogs, divided into harmonious groups.

The shelter is located at km 30 of the road that goes from Llucmajor to Campos, Mallorca. Near the shelter we have plenty of space to walk our dogs. The opening hours are Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10.00-12.00. Closed on Sundays.